Smile Through Your Tears (A Meditation)

When things are hard;
When things go wrong;
When you can’t do anything about what’s going on —

When it’s terrible;
When you’re trapped in pain;
When the world is falling apart in front of your eyes —

When you’re weak;
When you’re crying;
When all you want to do is run away from life —

Smile when it hurts.
Smile when it’s tough.

Smile when there’s nothing good to look forward to.
Smile when there’s nothing hopeful in your world.

Because someone might notice you.
Someone might see your tearstained eyes —
And your smile.

He might look at himself:
She might say to herself:
“What am I doing?”
“What’s wrong with me?
How can you smile through your tears
When my life is fine, and I still can’t?”

When there are people around;
When it’s hardest to;
When there’s no reason in your mind —

And when you’re walking back;
When you’re by yourself;
When you’re just a few feet from where you can’t call home;

Then when you get home;
When the door is closed;
When the lights are out and only God sees you —

Because he might look at you.
He might turn down his omnipotent smile on you.
And he would see it reflected in you.
And he would say to himself:
“Look at what I created.
Look at this mirror of myself.
Look how hard it is, how hard the work is.
Look at how little you feel.
Yet look at how you smile.
Bless you.”

And those words from God rest on your heart and soul forever —
All because of your smile.