WaterStep Launches!

This officially starts our “I Thirst” Initiative from Feb 5-Mar 31! Bring in your new or gently used shoes to donate to WaterStep so they can send the shoes to those in need and use the money to build wells and other water filtering methods in poverty-stricken countries! Also, bring in BABY shoes for the Little Way Pregnancy Resource Center to serve the local community in need as well and build the bridge between body and soul.

LIFE WEEK at the Big Four Walking Bridge will be our opportunity to engage with the local community about the ongoing need to quench the thirst of all those in spiritual and physical desperation! We are doing this to strengthen our support for our local pregnancy centers while raising awareness about the global crises afflicting all of our marginalized brothers and sisters. 

April 3-7, 2017 is LIFE WEEK, with more details to come!

Donate Shoes. Save Lives!