UPDATE: IYT Deadline April 7

Early bird registration is actually one week LATER this week, praise God! We are thus able to extend the deadline for paperwork to Friday, April 7 @ 3pm. Please make sure you get all paperwork into the St. Athanasius Parish Office at this time. I will be following up with everyone in the coming days!

In Christ!

John Sohl, CYM



Hey Everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve given you an update about Ignite, but here are the details!


This year’s conference will be July 6-9, 2017.

Click HERE for the paperwork & registration! Registration opens on February 1, and we will need final commitments no later than Friday, March 31 @ 3pm.

THAT’S THIS FRIDAY! We must have PAPERWORK from Everyone by this Friday!

All paperwork must be turned into John Sohl in the St. Athanasius Parish Center at this time. Cost is only $100 per person, IF YOU COMMIT TO FUNDRAISING WITH THE CIRCLE OF LIFE.

Go to circleoflifeyouth.com/ignite for more thorough information on CoL’s requirements for participation. Our goal this year is 40 total registrants, both from our region and beyond so invite a friend. For graduating 8th graders +.

When is Life Worth It? (A Meditation)

If you’re laughing,

If you’re smiling,

If it seems the sun shines just for you. . .

Then your life’s worth living.


If you’re with close friends

Sharing their pain,

Holding their hurts,

Living through their darkest night until the sunrise comes. . .

Then your life’s worth living.


If you’re working hard, and  at the end of the day

You see it all pay off when one little thing is better than before. . .

Then your life’s worth living.


If you have joy. . .

Accomplishments. . .

A purpose. . .

If there seems to be even a tiny bit going for you. . .


Or if you’re alone. . .

Afraid. . .

Impatient. . .

Stagnant. . .

Waiting for an answer that refuses and refuses to come —

If you feel you’ve fallen through the cracks and life has passed you by,

Is your life worth living?




Because it’s not what you do.

It’s not what happens or what you feel should happen;

It’s not what others see or what anyone would ever measure by;

No, the quality of life is so much deeper than we’d have it be.

It comes from somewhere we can never fathom — where even our hearts can never reach.


Never doubt your calling.

Never doubt yourself.

Never doubt that all things are planned.


So if you’re waiting, watching the world go by —

Helpless. . .

Hopeless. . .

And realize, maybe just for a begrudging instant that waiting, too, is a vocation,

Then, above all other times. . .

Your life’s worth living.