Smile Through Your Tears (A Meditation)

When things are hard;
When things go wrong;
When you can’t do anything about what’s going on —

When it’s terrible;
When you’re trapped in pain;
When the world is falling apart in front of your eyes —

When you’re weak;
When you’re crying;
When all you want to do is run away from life —

Smile when it hurts.
Smile when it’s tough.

Smile when there’s nothing good to look forward to.
Smile when there’s nothing hopeful in your world.

Because someone might notice you.
Someone might see your tearstained eyes —
And your smile.

He might look at himself:
She might say to herself:
“What am I doing?”
“What’s wrong with me?
How can you smile through your tears
When my life is fine, and I still can’t?”

When there are people around;
When it’s hardest to;
When there’s no reason in your mind —

And when you’re walking back;
When you’re by yourself;
When you’re just a few feet from where you can’t call home;

Then when you get home;
When the door is closed;
When the lights are out and only God sees you —

Because he might look at you.
He might turn down his omnipotent smile on you.
And he would see it reflected in you.
And he would say to himself:
“Look at what I created.
Look at this mirror of myself.
Look how hard it is, how hard the work is.
Look at how little you feel.
Yet look at how you smile.
Bless you.”

And those words from God rest on your heart and soul forever —
All because of your smile.

Upcoming Events: Lent & Beyond

Hey Everybody!

Lent starts in just over a week! That means our annual STATIONS OF THE CROSS will begin at both St. Luke and St. Athanasius Here are the times and locations of each event:


ASH WEDNESDAY, March 1 @ 3-5pm, St. Rita (middle school only)

Mass @ 7pm, St. Luke, St. Athanasius, St. Rita (all youth invited!)
Make sure you are at St. Luke on Fridays no later than 6:45pm to help set-up and begin. Sundays at St. Athanasius will take place right after 11:30 Mass.
CALL JOHN @ 502-428-6757 if you want to help and feel he hasn’t reached out to you!
Friday, March 3rd @ 7pm, St. Luke
  • Stations of the Cross + Regular Meeting (8-9pm)
  • HS Topic: Redemptive Suffering & the Lenten Journey
– Sunday, March 5th @ 1pm, St. Athanasius
– Friday, March 10th @ 7pm, St. Luke
– Sunday, March 12th @ 1pm, St. Athanasius
– Friday, March 17th @ 7pm, St. Luke
  • Stations of the Cross + Regular Meeting (8-9pm)
  • Topic: St. Patrick’s Day & Waiting in Joyful Hope
– Sunday, March 19th @ 1pm, St. Athanasius
– Friday, March 24th @ 7pm, St. Luke
– Sunday, March 26th – NO STATIONS (FIRST COMMUNION)
– Friday, March 31st @ 7pm, St. Luke
– Sunday, April 2nd @ 1pm, St. Athanasius
– Friday, April 7th @ 7pm, St. Luke



This year’s conference will be July 6-9, 2017.

Click HERE for the paperwork & registration! Registration opens on February 1, and we will need final commitments no later than Friday, March 31 @ 3pm. All paperwork must be turned into John Sohl in the St. Athanasius Parish Center at this time. Cost is only $100 per person, IF YOU COMMIT TO FUNDRAISING WITH THE CIRCLE OF LIFE.

Go to for more thorough information on CoL’s requirements for participation. Our goal this year is 40 total registrants, both from our region and beyond so invite a friend. For graduating 8th graders +.


3. “I Thirst” Life Week & the Fire of Mercy Pilgrimage

This year we are hosting our first ever Life Week at the Big Four Walking Bridge in downtown Louisville on April 5-7, and will be our culminating experience with our WaterStep & Little Way shoe drive. Here is a tentative schedule for each day:
Wednesday, April 5 @ 3:30pm-9pm
– Tabling & Clipboarding / Showcasing our Display
Thursday, April 6 @ 4-10pm
– More Showcasing / Candlelight Prayer Vigil across Walking Bridge
Friday, April 7 @ 4-8pm
– Popsickles, Hamburgers, & Cornhole!
For those who sign up for the FOM (Apr 7-9), we will depart from the Walking Bridge to St. Luke for an overnight Stations / Adoration Vigil before our Saturday morning departure. More details about this pilgrimage will be forthcoming.
In Christ, for Love & Life!
John Sohl, CYM
The Circle of Life Youth

MOVIE NIGHT this Friday @ 7pm, St. Athanasius!


Come on out to St. Athanasius in the Upper Room of the Parish Hall (gymnasium) for “Sophie Scholl”, the story of the German resistance movement during WW2. Bring some snacks to share, and hope to see you there!

Text “I’m coming” to John Sohl so we can get a headcount for the pizza!


“Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone.” -Sophie Scholl


WaterStep Launches!

This officially starts our “I Thirst” Initiative from Feb 5-Mar 31! Bring in your new or gently used shoes to donate to WaterStep so they can send the shoes to those in need and use the money to build wells and other water filtering methods in poverty-stricken countries! Also, bring in BABY shoes for the Little Way Pregnancy Resource Center to serve the local community in need as well and build the bridge between body and soul.

LIFE WEEK at the Big Four Walking Bridge will be our opportunity to engage with the local community about the ongoing need to quench the thirst of all those in spiritual and physical desperation! We are doing this to strengthen our support for our local pregnancy centers while raising awareness about the global crises afflicting all of our marginalized brothers and sisters. 

April 3-7, 2017 is LIFE WEEK, with more details to come!

Donate Shoes. Save Lives!