Day 5, Part 2 – Blessed Are the Merciful

Saying goodbye to Niepekelanow was very difficult, for we knew we could have stayed there for days, weeks, or months longer. In truth, I know in my heart that God will call me back to this place one day, and so I wasn’t worried about our early departure. As I said before, these experiences have awakened desires and callings within me that have lain dormant and hidden within my own soul in ways I can’t even begin to articulate. Spiritual Direction will help me through that though, NOT this blog, so God will eventually reveal His Plans for me and all of us on this pilgrimage…just as He reveals them in each of us: through the slow passage of time, even if it’s long after our deaths. Continue reading “Day 5, Part 2 – Blessed Are the Merciful”

Day 5, Part 1 – Niepokalanow

We are pilgrims, not tourists!

That’s what I wanted to express as I shaved and chose the most low-key shirt I brought from home. Yet, the jokes still came, good-natured as they were. Morning prayer with our wonderful contingency began what would become one of the most powerful days in our lives! I chose the old “St. Luke’s Unity in the Community” t-shirt from 1995 when the parish was petitioning the Archdiocese of Louisville to remain open as a viable parish in the region. Those were difficult days for that small Kentucky parish in Okolona, but the unity they encountered was enough to bring about the redemption that has blessed us on this pilgrim journey. Continue reading “Day 5, Part 1 – Niepokalanow”