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Hey everyone!
QUEST 2016 is right around the corner. Here is the paperwork! If you want to go this year with the Circle of Life, I must have your paperwork into the St. Athanasius parish office no later than next Wednesday, November 2 @ 4pm.
It’s only $25 per person this year so cheaper than ever before, but well worth the experience! This will be concluding the Jubilee Year of Mercy which is even more exciting so say some prayers we get a good showing of young people to attend. 9th-12th grade.
In other news…
SIGN-UP for our Circle of Life BLOG so you can get the email updates more proficiently. I’m trying to strengthen my communication with everyone and starting January 1, other than individual texts or phone calls, every group message with our updates will be through the blog so sign up ASAP to stay informed! http://www.circleoflifeyouth.wordpress.com/
G.A.P. – A New Approach
I’m doing major overhaul on things to get us into a good position for next year’s continued growth! Please pray for the success of the Circle of Life and the structural integrity to be more permanently established. That means I need more volunteers and more people engaged in the hearts and minds of these incredible young people! We’re calling this approach “The Guardian Angel Principle” or GAP for short so if you’re an interested adult who wants to work with a small group of 3-6 young men or women—call me at 502-428-6757 so we can talk!
St. Luke’s Fall Festival and SAINT’S ALIVE
This Saturday, October 29 @ 4pm-dark
The Haunted Hayride is being taken over by the Saints! Several of the young people are dressing and performing the lives of the saints this coming weekend at St. Luke–costume and all! If you aren’t in the production, wear a saint costume and get a free hotdog! Face painting, bonfire, and other games all night long! Happy Halloween 🙂
Angels in Disguise Christmas CONCERT
Saturday, December 10 @ 6pm-9pm
Our “Ambassadors for Life” with the Archdiocese will be in attendance, and several of the kids from the Circle of Life are involved! So come out to support them and the kids with Down Syndrome as they do a live Nativity Play at the Brown Theatre and witness an incredible musical concert as well! Tickets are cheap. Go to http://www.angelsindisguise.net or visit them on Facebook for more information!
The ANGEL Tree at St. Luke – In Memory of Fran Sohl
All season long, starting after Halloween, we will be collecting items for the poor at St. Luke while simultaneously collecting $1 per angel to benefit the Adoption Grants from Angels in Disguise! Once the Christmas season hits, check out the Narthex at St. Luke and grab an Angel and help a child with Down Syndrome find a home while bringing much needed supplies for poor and needy families throughout the Louisville area!
There’s MUCH more we have going on, but you’ll find it all on the BLOG, so please prepare yourselves to start looking there regularly for yearly activities and paperwork, etc. Let me know if you have any questions!

Author: circleoflifeyouth

Young people building a culture of life in southern Louisville with a strong devotion to the Eucharist through Consecration to Mary.

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