Day 13, Part 1 – The Field of Mercy

It is interesting to note that the Gospels place Jesus on different levels as He made those initial remarks in the Beatitudes. One placed him on a mountain, another on a plain–both sharing the encounter they witnessed and both equally sharing the significance of Christ’s proclamation. For Pope Francis, he brought us to BOTH at the same time. A physical field yes, “Campus Misericordiae” or in English, the “Field of Mercy”–but just as true were we on the Mountain of Tranfiguration, and Kristin’s words of “I wish we could stay!” were ringing truer by the hour. Yet, while we will return to that moment of joy, it is often cut out of the fuller experience, as if the long hike UP the mountain and the powerful descent were irrelevant at best.  Continue reading “Day 13, Part 1 – The Field of Mercy”