Day 10, Part 2 – The Way of Trust

Mary got the call immediately after lunch, and we were shaken deeply with grief and shock. Mary Whitfill’s beloved grandfather, Papaw Leroy, had a massive heart attack on Sunday, and Monday before tragically passing away. As we stood in bewilderment at what God’s mercy was really supposed to convey to us in that moment, we couldn’t help ourselves. Mary was on the phone with family, and we were gently praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and other prayers beside her. Our patron saints in Heaven were clearly at work on this pilgrimage, for we felt the sense that many beautiful souls were entering the Gates of Mercy during this sacred week. Continue reading “Day 10, Part 2 – The Way of Trust”

Day 10, Part 1 – The American Way


What is it really? The United States of America has long stood as a beacon to the world, shining the light of freedom into the world’s darkest sectors of human atrocities. In fact, many attribute the USA’s entry into the Second World War as the critical moment that strengthened the Allied Forces enough to end the international suffering. The splitting of the atom then seemed at the time to be the final moment that sealed America’s fate as the symbol of freedom by which the Greatest Generation had earned. Continue reading “Day 10, Part 1 – The American Way”