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LIVE LOVE Louisville – Part of the “I Thirst” Initiative of the Circle of Life! This is what WE are doing with the shoes before they are being donated to WaterStep at the end of of event!


11am-11:30am                  Music / Prayer & Praise (Daniel of “The Thirsting”)

11:30-11:45am                   Introducing Live Love Louisville

11:45-12noon                    Testimony #1 (Lifehouse Maternity Home)

12:00-12:10pm                  Music & Prayer (Daniel of “The Thirsting”)

12:10-12:25pm                  The Power of Silence: A Pro-Life Demonstration

12:25-12:40pm                  Special Guest – A Pro-Life Champion

12:40-12:55pm                  Music & Prayer (Daniel of “The Thirsting”)

12:55-1:10pm                     Angela Minter: Sisters for Life

1:10-1:20pm                       Testimony #2

1:20-1:30pm                       Music & Prayer (Daniel of “The Thirsting”)

1:30-1:45pm                       Closing Reflection / Testimony

1:45-1:50pm                       Invitation to the Night’s Prayer Vigil

1:50-4:00pm                       Live Love Concert Begins (2-4pm)

* This concert is being performed by “Hard Core Truth”, a local band

4:00-6:00pm                       Cornhole, Games, Public Outreach

6:00-7:00pm                       Dinner @ the Food Trucks (Separate Fee)

7:00-8:00pm                       Closing Prayer Service by Candlelight


EVENT DESCRIPTION – Saturday, April 14, 2018

“Live Love Louisville” will be a community-wide festival supported by various non-profit organizations and hosted by the Circle of Life Youth Ministry & Louisville’s Pro-Life Future. This festival will occur with three main features:

  1. PEOPLE – A community celebration from 11am-2pm on Saturday, April 14, 2018 with music, guest speakers, and a presentation of the various organizations / service projects. This will include three elements:
    1. Shoes – We are highlighting WaterStep as we raise 3,000+ pairs of shoes to be donated across the world in hopes to help raise money for clean drinking water in impoverished nations. All baby shoes will be donated to local pregnancy resource centers throughout Kentucky.
    2. Display – These shoes will be placed on the Big Four Lawn spelling out the word “LOVE” & “LIFE” large enough (at least 50’x50’) for people to see from a distance
    3. Sidewalk – A Side-walk Chalk Relay for young people will be conducted to reach the community with information explaining the display and the purpose for the day’s events (pro-life quotes, stats, encouraging statements, etc.)
  2. PEACE – A day of availability to dialogue about the importance of serving both the local and global communities. By addressing difficult issues within a family environment, we hope to reach people in a way they can understand and accept.
    1. Free Speech Boards – Three (3) wooden / dry-erase boards placed in visible areas on Big Four Lawn posing thoughtful questions concerning the issues being addressed in our event. These boards are meant to provide the general public a peaceful outlet by which to express their reaction to the display.
    2. Community Involvement – Tables will be set up to host various non-profit organizations like: Angels in Disguise, Archdiocese of Louisville Youth Ministry, WaterStep, Little Way Pregnancy Center, and other interested groups. Each group will bring their own resources and information to share with the community.
    3. Commitment – Asking people in the community to sign a publicly visible and collective PLEDGE to build a culture of life in the city of Louisville
  3. PRAYER – Finally, the day will conclude from 7-9pm with a solemn gathering to pray for the world and ask God’s blessing on the city of Louisville
    1. Petition – Prayer intentions will be collected and placed in each of the shoes to represent missing or lost members of society
    2. Procession – From 7-9pm April 14, 2018 that same evening, we will conclude the day’s activities with a candlelight procession across the Walking Bridge. Ministers will offer words of comfort and inspiration during our time of prayer & praise.
    3. Memorial – Building a memorial to the Unborn by asking the question to the public, “What would you have named your child?”


Our short-term goal is to close the last abortion clinic in Kentucky by uniting the local pro-life community more deeply than ever before. Our long-term goal is to build a permanent culture of life in Kentucky & America.


  • Tables cost $100 per sponsorship
  • Contact Shane Weppler or Mary Whitfill for details about payment, etc.
    • Shane: 502.593.3324 or Mary: 502.383.3295
  • Write checks to St. Athanasius and mail to: 5915 Outer Loop, Louisville, KY 40219
    • Put in the Memo Line: “Live Love – Sponsor”
  • As a Table Sponsor, you are welcome to bring your own table and chairs to share your resources and network with the public and attendees at the Festival! The sponsor fee serves to underwrite our $2,000+ charge to rent to Big Four Lawn for the day. Think of this as a tailgating party / parish picnic / prayer service all in one!
  • Set up for Tables will begin at 10am, and can be left up until 6pm if desired—knowing the main gathering time will be from 11am-2pm.


  • We will begin setting up our shoe display at 6am to be ready for unveiling at 11am. The tables of different organizations will be setup by then and can be taken down at 2pm, and we will take down the display after the prayer service that night starting around 9pm. We will use amplifiers for music and other sound for the different presentations that morning. This will require renting or getting a stage donated, including some tables and chairs. Throughout the week leading up to our event, we will divide into teams to cover the Walking Bridge with sidewalk chalk footprints to demonstrate the missing members of society, complete with pro-life quotes, statistics, etc.


  • 4-5 dozen boxes of Sidewalk Chalk
  • 20 Tables for Table Sponsors
  • Big Boxes / Durable bags to help transport the Shoes
  • 20’x40’ Stage at least 2-3 feet off the ground (if possible)
    • Podium with Microphone, etc.
  • Food & Water / Drinks (TBD)
  • Wooden Free Speech Boards (Built or purchased before Easter)
  • Cornhole, Kubb, Frisbee, Football
  • Graphics & Signs (Donated?)


April 14, 2018 @ 11am-2pm – “Live Love Louisville” will be a community-wide festival hosted by Louisville’s Pro-Life Future & the Circle of Life Youth Ministry. This festival will occur with three main features: People, Peace, and Prayer. By addressing difficult issues within a family environment, we hope to reach people in a way they can understand and accept.

Our short-term goal is to close the last abortion clinic in Kentucky. Our long-term goal is to build a permanent culture of life in America by uniting the pro-life community like never before. Our display of shoes will spell out the word “LOVE” & “LIFE” for all to see. That evening @ 7pm we will end in a candlelight prayer procession there at the Walking Bridge to raise awareness about the issues facing our community.


John Sohl, CYM

The Circle of Life Youth



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