The Guardian Angel Principle (G.A.P.)

The Guardian Angel Principle: Renewing the Family Across the Generation GAP

Why G.A.P.?

Simply put, GAP is an approach that helps us establish a focus on small group formation and faith-sharing. It resists the tendency to focus on youth group, yet remains committed to establishing and supporting multiple youth groups–the GAP is true youth ministry.

These families are the best environments by which to cultivate affirmation, spiritual growth, and life-long friendships. As much as a young person should strive for holiness by actively serving his or her community, it is equally important that the community first bridges the generation GAP so as to help young people realize their own potential.

If you’d like to join a new group or become a mentor, fill out our contact form and type, “GAP” in the subject line! Or call John Sohl, CYM at 502-428-6757.


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