Hey Again Everyone,

Sorry you haven’t heard much about this, but to avoid confusion I wanted to wait until we knew for sure what we were going to do. Because of Fr. Riccardo’s presence from the Fathers of Mercy, our annual Labor Day Mass & Cookout is STILL ON! However, because of the inclement weather, we’ve decided to move it to St. Luke Church (4211 Jim Hawkins Dr. 40229) so we can still hose the event indoors and allow Fr. Riccardo to give his talk to the Ambassadors for Life and anyone else interested in coming.

Because of the rush hour traffic and bad weather, we’re moving everything back an hour. Please try to arrive between 6 and 6:15 to set up for Mass and the festivities afterward. Mass will begin promptly at 7pm with barbeque and other food (plus banana pudding!) afterwards. PLEASE BRING A 2 LITER and/or Chips!

After Mass, we’ll have our cookout and conclude with prayer around 9:30pm.

Call me at 502-428-6757 with questions!

John Sohl, CYM

The Circle of Life Youth

Fall Dates & Beyond!

Hey Everyone!

Here is the Fall Calendar, including the Middle School Calendar, & the new SVDP Wednesday Dates, and more!

  1. Fall Calendar
  2. Middle School Dates
  3. St. Vincent DePaul Wednesdays

1. MISSION TRIP – Keep an eye out for registration for our first BIG High School Mission Trip to Wichita, KS on July 15-21, 2018! After we secure our spots in mid-September, I’ll have more information about first deposits and more before the end of November.

2. SAINTS ALIVE – Auditions will be next Friday, September 8 @ 6:30-9pm @ St. Luke. The commitments are Sat, Oct 21 @ St. Luke (5-10pm) & Sat, Nov 4 @ St. Rita (4-9pm) at the Fall Festivals. Remember, this is HUGE for evangelization so be prepared to be at all the practices and rehearsals to make this the best Saints Alive yet!

3. St. Vincent DePaul Wednesdays, etc. – Check out the dates above, but please come to our newest outreach of the Circle of Life Youth. Contact Mary Whitfill @ 502-383-3295 for more information.

4. MARCH FOR LIFE – We will have more details on logistics in the coming weeks. First deposit of $50 will be due October 30. The tentative itinerary is as follows:

Wednesday, January 17 — Depart for Washington, D.C.

Thursday, January 18 — Holocaust Museum & Basilica for Vigil Mass

Friday, January 19 — Youth Rally & March for Life

Saturday, January 20 — SFLA National Conference (return home Sunday morning)

More to come in the coming weeks!

In Christ, for Love & Life!

John Sohl, CYM

The Circle of Life Youth


The Silent Key – Day 1

The Silent Key

Opening Prayer: Lord Jesus, as we begin these daily reflections on the Silent Key and what it means to adore you properly, we offer up our whole selves as the only appropriate gift to you. Just as you gave your life for us, it seems fitting that our response to your unconditional love should be to allow you to have all of us as well. I ask all the saints in heaven, especially St. Maximilian Kolbe and St. John Paul the Great to pray for me, an unworthy servant of the Eucharist, that I may be able to endure the sacred tasks of this noble endeavor.
Above all, on this Feast of the Queenship of Mary, I ask you Immaculata to dissolve me completely into your womb so that these words may be yours entirely, in a way that my only contribution is perhaps the flavor by which these truths are received, similar to the salt in the ocean. Only, you exemplify what it means to be dissolved in the Ocean of Mercy Mary, and for that—your title as Queen of Heaven and Earth is most fitting. At last, I offer up this initial reflection for the intentions of the Holy Father Pope Francis and for the continued expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven, particularly through the teachings of the Theology of the Body.
We pray all of this to Jesus, through Mary. Amen.


August 22, 2017 – The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary


From Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’s “Spirit of the Liturgy” before he became Pope Benedict XVI, excerpt from page 36-37.


“What, then, is special about the liturgy of Israel? First of all, without doubt, the One to whom it is directed. Other religions frequent direct their worship to subordinate powers. … Adoration is due to God alone: that is the first commandment. Now this one God is worshipped through an extensive sacrificial system, the meticulous regulations for which are set out in the Torah. However, when we look at the cultic history of Israel more closely, we run up against a second characteristic, which leads finally, by its inner logic, to Jesus Christ, to the New Testament…What at first seems to be a break turns out, on closer inspection, to be a real fulfillment, in which all the paths formerly followed converge.” (SL, 36-37)


At the foundation of every relationship is Communication. Without this giving and receiving of one another, it is impossible to know any substantive aspect of a person. Yes, while information can be acquired through other people and through other means, the reciprocal reality of relationship can still come into being only through the willful embrace of two persons. In other words, if you don’t talk to someone, you won’t know who they are!


But it goes a bit deeper doesn’t it? If we only ever talk to someone, we may thoroughly communicate who WE are to the other, but we may still know nothing of the other. This could present a problem if we don’t learn how to LISTEN. Suddenly, it’s not just in the giving or doing that we find relationship, but in the receiving of the gift of the other. What better way to receive than to be silent before the other in both manner and speech? Body language is critical in this because that too communicates whether or not we are invested in understanding what is being communicated from the other. That means—pay attention by looking them in the eyes, calming your movements, asking questions, waiting for them to finish what they’re saying, and then restating what they’ve said to ensure you understand what’s being communicated.


I experienced this in Adoration just last night. After sitting with a particular chapter from Scripture, I started to wonder exactly what God was really trying to say to me. After everyone else had left the room, I got my chance to just sit before the Tabernacle in total silence, in both manner and speech. After a while of reading the Word made Flesh over and over in meditation, I felt the confidence to speak outloud what I felt God was saying to me. Suddenly, the peace of my relationship with Jesus came flooding back in a way I had not felt in a long while. Give it a try sometime, and see what Christ is trying to say to YOU, if only we communicate with Him in prayer in Silent Adoration.


More reflections to come as the Silent Key continues!