Here is the information concerning THIS YEAR’S (2017) Halloween Project!

The Circle of Life Youth creates a special project each year to serve the 8th graders at St. Rita. This has traditionally become the 8th graders’ Haunted House. Starting in late August, students are called to formulate a theme. By mid-September, the theme is chosen and in early October, the props, costumes, and decorations begin to take shape. At one of the parish fall festivals, trunk or treats, or other community events, the students get a chance to scare their friends and neighbors all in a fun, safe, and appropriate environment.

This is to show young people how to handle fear, darkness, and evil so that the real problems of the world can be overcome. What is the real story of Halloween anyway? This project is meant to show young people that even in the darkest places–goodness, truth, and beauty can still shine through.

Halloween 2015

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