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UPCOMING: Eric Gallagher Training on Sat, September 8 @ 8:30am-3:30pm in the St. Athanasius Parish Center (5915 Outer Loop, 40219). Cost is $20 (only $15 for parishioners of St. Luke, St. Athanasius, and St. Rita!) Come be inspired to transform our parish families! Click HERE for the Workshop Registration.

DFYM Workshop


Why should we follow Jesus?

Our greatest desire and goal in life is to get to Heaven. The best way to get there is to be authentically Catholic. To be authentically Catholic means to live, love, and follow the teachings of Christ’s Church. The best way someone can learn how to do this is to spend time with Jesus in the Eucharist with an open heart. The Eucharist is the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ, & He created us to love, serve, and be happy with Him forever.

What is Discipleship?

Discipleship caters to each individual’s needs and works to guide him or her toward a deeper relationship with Christ. This can look like two friends having lunch talking about their faith, or it can be mentoring a group of 4-5 other people. If going on a mission trip leads you to become a missionary, then Discipleship is happening. This moves beyond powerful conversion and inspires personal commitment for young people and adults!

Click HERE for the printable Application Form and more information!

What does GAP have to do with it?

GAP stands for the “Guardian Angel Principle” because everyone needs someone looking out for them and discipling them within the community. A GAP Family is a small group of like-minded friends who commit to each other on a regular basis to grow in their faith and friendship. This is a principled approach toward the person, not the program.

How do I sign-up?

Fill out the top portion of this application and drop it in the collection basket during Mass. All forms will go directly to John Sohl, the Coordinator of Youth Ministry. He will contact you with more information on what discipleship is and how best to serve your parish family!

How can I learn more on my own if I’m not ready to sign up?

Get involved in the Circle of Life for starters! From going on a youth conference, mission trip, pilgrimage, or retreat—you can meet young people and other like-minded adults who have a desire to strengthen their parish family! You can also visit the official Discipleship website to understand your special role in this culture-building process at www.discipleshipym.com

Contact John Sohl at his cell (502.428.6757) or circleoflifeyouth@gmail.com


“We must be careful not to think of man’s dignity abstractly. Each and every person—even those who annoy us or hurt us the most—has an infinite dignity. To make this truth the foundation of the way we act concretely toward others, toward every person we know and every person we encounter, we must ‘break down walls,’ says Pope Francis, and fill our hearts ‘with faces and names’ (Joy of the Gospel 274). As we do, ‘our lives become wonderfully complicated.’”       – Christopher West

We are trying to break through this wall and cross the threshold from initial conversion to what we call “adherence” (living out our faith ourselves!)

Parish Mapping Chart

The Guardian Angel Principle

Renewing the Family Across the Generation GAP

Why do we call it G.A.P. in the Circle of Life? Click here for the deeper answer!

Simply put, GAP is an approach that helps us establish a focus on small group formation and faith-sharing. It resists the tendency to focus on youth group, yet remains committed to establishing and supporting multiple youth groups–the GAP is true youth ministry.

These families are the best environments by which to cultivate affirmation, spiritual growth, and life-long friendships. As much as a young person should strive for holiness by actively serving his or her community, it is equally important that the community first bridges the generation GAP so as to help young people realize their own potential.

If you’d like to join a new group or become a leader, contact John Sohl at 502.428.6757


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