New Years Eve Celebration!

Be there, 6pm-1am @ St. Luke for movies, games, music, plenty of food and a beginning of the year Mass starting right after the Ball drops at Midnight!

Please make sure to BRING A SNACK, GAME, INSTRUMENT AND/OR MOVIE TO SHARE AND INVITE AS MANY OF YOUR FRIENDS AS POSSIBLE! See you soon! Call John at 502-428-6757 with questions!

St. Luke – 4211 Jim Hawkins Dr. 40229


If you are interested in committing to the March for Life from Jan 25-29, 2017–regardless of what day we leave or come home in that window–you must text or call John Sohl @ 5024286757 before Tuesday, December 20 @ 2pm to reserve your spot on our bus! Cost is only $100 and your commitment will require payment even if you cancel so we are taking you on your word. 

Our two potential itineraries are below:

Option A (preferred)

Wednesday, 1/25

4-5pm — Depart for D.C.

Thursday, 1/26 

5-6am — Arrive in D.C.

9am-12pm — Holocaust Museum

5pm — Basilica for Vigil Mass

11pm — Arrive at Host Parish

Friday, 1/27

8am — Depart Host Parish

9am — Rally @ Verizon Center

12pm — March for Life

5pm — Dinner & Museums, etc.

11pm — Arrive at Host Parish

Saturday, 1/28

8am — Depart Host Parish (with all our luggage packed in the bus)

9am — Arrive at First Baptist Church of Glenarden for Students for Life National Conference

(Middle School touring D.C.)

6pm — Depart for HOME

Sunday, 1/29

6-8am — Arrive at Home

Option B (without lodging)

This is our likely itinerary, but is still worth the effort!

Thursday, 1/26

5-7pm — Depart for D.C.

Friday, 1/27

9am — Youth Rally @ Verizon Center

12pm — March for Life

5pm — Dinner

6pm — Depart for HOME

Saturday, 1/28

6-8am — Arrive Home


cropped-cropped-circle-of-life-3.pngWe are Catholic young people building a Culture of Life in southern Louisville with a strong devotion to the Eucharist through Consecration to Our Blessed Mother.

The “Circle of Life” is known as the “Source and Summit” of our Catholic Faith, literally in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, the EUCHARIST! It is the mission of the Circle of Life to immerse kids in this deep formation–fostering environments of emotional accountability, spiritual training, intellectual fortitude, and social fulfillment.

This is seen in youth rallies, retreats, conferences, mission trips, pilgrimages, workshops, small groups, and weekly gatherings / prayer experiences.

This is beyond cool, for the Eucharist is the very means by which we are building up each initiative and community outreach event. It’s the very means by which these young people find inspiration and motivation by which to bring God’s LOVE to the world, but it first starts with EACH OF THEM!

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam – All for the greater Glory of GOD!