Fiat Float

Freedom is in the Fiat! Love is in the Logos!

Welcome to the future of the Circle of Life. The Fiat Float has been resurrected as an annual Canoe Trip for middle, high, and young adults seeking the will of God in their lives. This isn’t about the canoes, this is about the conversation and encounter with God’s creation. Here is the basic information:

When: July 17, 2019 @ 8am (meet in St. Rita’s Parking Lot)

Where: Blue Moon Canoes

Pick up is 5pm @ St. Rita (with an optional dinner extension!) pickup would then be at 7pm. Cost is $33/person (includes dinner!) Bring a sack lunch and a change of clothes! Sign the waiver HERE!

Contact John Sohl, 502.428.6757 for more information.

Fiat Float Flier.jpg

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